Polities of Faith – Theology, Ecclesiology and Spatiality in the Christian world

Thanasis Gavos   Tuesday, 4 - Wednesday, 5 June 2019

In 1932 Olof Linton’s dissertation Das Problem der Urkirche in der neueren Forschung overturned the existing consensus that presented the Church as a historical construct that followed the triumph of Christianity. According to Linton, the Church already existed in the minds of the earliest Christian thinkers, who had envisaged a structured community of believers and clerics. More recently, sociologists have similarly responded to previous approaches focused on the efficiency of institutions by emphasizing the key role that intellectual legitimisation plays in the survival of organisational structures. While Late Antique and Medieval historians have underlined the importance of discourse and ritual in the construction of a Christian world-view, there is still much work to be done in assessing how theological and ecclesiological discussions shaped the structure, organisation and on-going development of the Christian Churches. The Colloquium explores this theme bringing together classicists, historians and theologians working on the construction of the Christian Churches from Late Antiquity to the thirteenth century, and beyond:


  • Kate Cooper (London), Re-assessing the early Christian imaginary
  • James Corke-Webster (London), The Church in Eusebius’Life of Constantine
  • Anthony Dupont (Louvain), Keeping the Church in the middle. Augustine of Hippo’s interrelated theoretical and practical ecclesiology
  • Tom Hunt (Birmingham), The Influence of Trinitarian Theology on Jerome’s Hierarchical Ecclesiology inAgainst Jovinian and Letter 52
  • Andrew Jotischky (London), Knowledge, Mediation and Tradition in Thirteenth Century Pilgrimage in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Chrysovalantis Kyriacou (Nicosia), Of monks and bishops: Cypriot clerical networks and the circle of Maximus the Confessor
  • Ioannis Papadogiannakis (London), The Body Politic in 6th-7th Byzantium: Religious, Social and Political Implications
  • Richard Price (London), One Empire, One Church


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