Plastikes Karekles At King’s Place, Equator WOW Festival

Thanasis Gavos   Saturday, 22 September 2018; 9:00pm
Plastikes Karekles

Join us as we come to King’s Place with a 9 piece band of bouzoukia, guitar, accordion, cello, viola, percussion double bass and singer to play a selection of our most beloved Greek songs. It is as part of the Equator, Women of the World festival and it is a real honour for us to be asked to take part. Please come and support this fantastic event.

Marina Deligianni, voice
Manolis Taouxis, voice, bouzouki
Pavlos Carvalho, voice, cello, bouzouki
Spiros Bolovinis, voice, baglama, bouzouki
Anna Cooper, accordion, viola
Maria Tsirodimitri, voice, guitar
Sarah Dubost-Hautefeuille, cello, guitar
Kostas Kopanaris, percussion
Thodoris Ziarkas, double bass


Kings Place,
90 York Way,
London N1 9AG

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