Our Marbles, by Nikos Papakostas

Thanasis Gavos   Saturday, 28 October 2017; 7:00pm
Our Marbles, parthenon

“Our Marbles” a documentary by Nikos Papakostas.
Screening */with English subtitles

“Our Marbles” is a documentary about a black page of culture and the protection of the world’s cultural heritage. It refers to the unprecedented in the world-time theft of the archaeological treasure by Lord Elgin in the early 19th century. A theft of Pheidias’, Agorakritos’, Alkamenis’ incredible artworks.

It is a theft that led to the shattering and the dismemberment of the Acropolis whole building which is an amazing monument, probably humanity’s most emblematic monument. The Parthenon, this special monument’s “flagship”, is doubtless the archetype of culture and democracy. .

The term “Our marbles” became known by Melina Merkouri and her famous saying, shortly before her death: “I hope to see the Marbles back to Athens before I die …”, as well as by the lyrics of the great poet Yiannis Ritsos “Τhese marbles here won΄t be stained by evil rust”.

It is a fact that some people disagree with this special term. However, all the participants of this documentary film believe that the term “marbles” reflects Melina’s and greek people’s love and affection which are intimately related to the sculptures. Therefore we follow the terms used by the international movenent demanding their return.

It should be noted that the great British writer William Claire, who revealed another huge destruction of the sculptures’ surface at the British Museum’s workshops in 1938, used the same title “Marbles” in his excellent book related to this subject.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Michael,
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