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There are so many big-name concerts coming up over the next few weeks that you would be forgiven for thinking you’re in Greece!

First on is Ploutarchos and then Arvanitaki, followed by Basis and Despina Vandi!

Catch Eleftheria Arvanitaki’s exclusive interview to Kostas Voros for euGreeka.

Check the dates in this newsletter and book in advance to avoid disappointment.



Eleftheria Arvanitaki: Beyond borders

Date: Tuesday, 30 May 2017; 7:30pm
Categories: Featured Events, Music - Dance

Dimitris Basis live

Date: Friday, 16 June 2017
Categories: Featured Events, Music - Dance

Despina Vandi live in London

Date: Thursday, 22 jne 2017; 7;30pm
Categories: Featured Events, Music - Dance

Cypriot Wine Festival with Yiannis Ploutarchos

Date: Sunday 28 & Monday, 29 May 2017
Categories: Featured Events, Food, Other, Social

From Constantinoupolis To Smyrna

Date: Sunday, 28 May 2017; 7:30pm
Categories: Music - Dance

The Lie

Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017; 5:30pm & 8:30pm.
Categories: Featured Events, Theatre - Film

Beauty: A controversial concept

Date: Monday, 12 - Thursday, 29 June 2017
Categories: Arts

Basketball – Great Britain v Greece

Date: Saturday, 19 August 2017; 5:30pm
Categories: Featured Events, Other

Rebetiko Raporto by Gavrilos Kokonas & Mousika Gefyria

Date: Sat, 27 May 2017; 8:00pm.
Categories: Music - Dance

Aegean Sea

Date: Friday, 19 May - Monday, 5 June 2017
Categories: Arts


Date: Wednesday, 7 June 2017; 7:15pm
Categories: Literature, Other

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Road

Date: Fri, 26 May - Tue, 30 May 2017.
Categories: Other, Out of London

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