Thanasis Gavos   Tuesday, 27 March 2018; 7:15pm
Hellenic Centre, Nasso

Prof Franco Rampazzo is a visiting professor at Imperial College (he is from the University of Padua) and a mathematician, but he has also written a partly historical novel in Italy – the title is ‘Nasso’ the way Italians called the Greek Island of Naxos. There are two time horizons in the novel, the present time and the WW2 time, after September 8 1943, when Italy changed side…

The story includes a romance in the war time, which will have an unexpected influence on the protagonist of the present time. A good part of the novel is settles in Naxos, both in the present time and at the war time, but there is also a connection with London through a main character of the book, an English composer who had searched peace in the island and instead found himself victim of the cruelty of the war. The book is going to be published in print in Greek.



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The Hellenic Centre,

16-18 Paddington Street,

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