Nannuka supports the Greek community in London

Thanasis Gavos   Tue, 26 Sep 2017; 19:05

Families get first 2 hours free for all childcarers’ and tutors’ services!

Since launching in 2014, has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies. Started off as the project of three entrepreneurs and mothers who turned their need of finding trustworthy child care experts into a thriving online market place. Today, is one of the largest online destinations for finding and managing family care and is already counting thousands registered members in three markets including Greece, Italy and the UK., wishing to encourage bond building and networking between the Greek community in London, is offering the first two hours for free till the 15th of October 2017 of its verified care providers’ services. By actively thanking its constantly growing Premium Members it creates yet another incentive to parents to choose without hesitation the teacher, tutor or creative play specialist who will stand by their children to deliver Greek lessons or communicate the essence of the language through play and creativity.

From day one, when Nannuka set foot in London, the whole team stood next to the families looking for Greek childcarers and tutors. At the same time, professionals wanting to work in Greek families, had the most reliable opportunity to find the hospitable house in need of a trustworthy “helping hand” with their qualifications, Greek as their mother tongue and the native element in them alive.

Nannuka’s first Playdates’ and Meetup Days’ with the community brought about Greeks’ need of communication and true bonding with other families who encountered the same difficulties in adapting to the new environment, sharing the same concerns and dreams about their future.

Those valuable meetings enabled Nannuka’s team to gather first-hand insights, understand the needs of its members and address them accordingly. is not yet another impersonal on-line service but a well-built team stands behind its digital domain, committedly involved to meet its members’ increased needs and become their everyday problem-solving habit. Their family life-saver.

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