Mitsotakis met Schaeuble and businessmen in Germany

BalkanEU.com   Wed, 15 Feb 2017; 06:42

The President of the New Democracy Party Kyriakos Mitsotakis attended a working lunch with about 30 of the biggest business professionals in Germany on the sidelines of a two-day visit to the country.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, vowed that as prime minister he will go directly to a specific program of reform that will enhance the attraction of investments to Greece by inviting German entrepreneurs to invest. Explaining his party’s program, he stated that the aim was to raise the country’s wealth with a front-loaded reform program.

In statements to the businessmen he made a commitment that as prime minister he will go directly to a specific program of reform that will enhance the attraction of investments to the country.

According to reports, Mr. Mitsotakis pledged to continue the e-government program, as well as a program to attract investments of 100 billion over the next five years. In fact as he said, he is totally committed and dedicated to this program, and after seven years of crisis, the Greek people are ready to accept, having realised that easy solutions do not exist. He specially said that “at the point where populism started growing that is where it will be defeated. ”

The President of New Democracy, beyond the meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel also met with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. The meeting lasted 70 minutes and was held in Mr. Schäuble’s office, the finance ministry had no statements after the meeting from any side.

According to a report in the conservative German newspaper FAZ, it notes that “If the Chancellor and the Finance Minister have time, that means that this is not something secondary. And this is more than just a meeting between members of the conservative parties family. Ultimately, why should the most important politicians in Germany meet a foreign opposition leader when the next normal elections are in 2019? The key word is “normal”. Indeed there are discussions on early elections, not only in the Greek media. The issue is discussed from usually well informed sources. The reason is Tsipras’ narrow majority and his SYRIZA resistance to additional austerity measures. New requirements on the part of lenders could increase the resistance and make elections more possible.”/IBNA

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