10th London Greek Film Festival 2017 (with film images)

By Penny Papadopoulou for euGreeka


This year’s (1oth) London Greek Film Festival will be held from 14 to 20 May, in Camden’s Theatro Technis.

The Festival is a project that promotes Greek or Greek-related feature fiction films, short films, documentaries, animation, experimental films, video art and other kinds of moving image and film-making; it also promotes and supports the Greek culture in general, as expressed by contemporary authors, creators and artists and in the ancient Greek culture.

Founder and artistic director of the festival is the film/theatre Director and writer, Christos Prosylis.

The Festival started in 2008 with the aim of making the London Greek Film Festival one of the city’s greatest celebrations of Greek culture. London Greek Film Festival is a project developed by CosmoCinema.

For the full screenings schedule click HERE.

For tickets visit the Box office:
1-DAY TICKET for all screenings of the day: £12 online, £15 at the door (cash only)
7-DAY TICKET for all screenings of the festival: £29 online, 35 at the door (cash only)

The ‘Odysseus Awards’ ceremony will be held on Saturday 20 May (8:30pm) at the Theatro Technis.

English subtitles provided during the screenings of the films; please visit the festival website for more information about the films, screenings and events.


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Theatro Technis
26 Crowndale Road,
London NW1 1TT


Images of all the Fiction Feature Films to be screened at the Festival. All 12 films will be having their UK premiere at the Festival and three of them also their world premiere.



Dream of a shadow by Nikita Ballas. 93’ Australia. 2017. UK Premiere (Sunday 14/5, 7:15pm)







Zenaida by Alexis Tsafas. 67’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere (Sunday 14/5, 9:00pm)






In the shadow of the Atreides’ curse by Dimitris Dimitroulias. 70’. Greeece. 2016. UK Premiere (Monday 15/5, 8:00pm)









The 13th by Chris Hastings. 80’. UK. 2017. World Premiere (Monday 15/, 9:15pm)





Utopia, An Adult’s FairyTale by Nikos Kourou. 78’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere (Tuesday 16/5, 6:30pm)







The very last morning by Ciprian Mega. 95’. Romania / Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere (Tuesday 16/5, 9:00pm)






Smac by Elias Demetriou. 110’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere (Wednesday 17/5, 9:00pm)





Arabim – The souls of statues by Antigoni Paroussi – Costis Papanastasatos. 53’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere (Thursday 18/5, 6:35pm)






Boy on the bridge by Petros Charalambous. 85’. Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere (Thursday 18/5, 7:35pm)









Lines by Vassilis Mazomenos. 88’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere (Thursday 18/5, 9:10pm)






The Spirits by Srdjan Milosavljevic. 79’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere (Friday 18/5, 7:15pm)






‘Katherine of Alexandria’ ‘The Director’s Cut by Michael Redwood. 115’. UK & Cyprus. 2017. World Premiere (Friday 18/5, 9:00pm)










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