London Greek Film Festival (7-12 May)

Isaac Karipidis   Monday, 7 - Saturday, 12 May 2018
London Greek Film Festival

Website: www.londongreekfilmfestival.com  

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This 11th annual London Greek Film Festival 2018 will take place from 7 to 12 May. During this week it will present a lot of selected world and UK premiere films, at Camden’s Theatro Technis (26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT).

The 11th London Greek Film Festival, independent, alternative, progressive and creative as ever, remains loyal to its objective, despite the adversities: to act as the international meeting point for contemporary Greek film from across the world.

The competition programme includes amazing feature fiction films, short fiction films, documentaries, video art, experimental films, animation and music videos. There is also a special screenplay contest section. With particular emphasis on the modern philosophy of Greek authors, these films presenting the creativity of Greece via the contemporary Greek cinema from all over the world.

The Festival accepts films and scripts by Greek filmmakers from around the world, but also by non-Greeks whose work bears some Greek interest. It has established itself as one of the most prestigious events when it comes to showcasing contemporary Greek culture in the British metropolis and in Europe, projecting a positive and creative face of Greece.

At the same time it creates networking and collaboration opportunities and it promotes new technologies which combine good old cinematography with the new possibilities offered by the modern film world. The London Greek Film Festival, it is also the supporter & developer among with Cosmocinema, of the bright new International Cosmocinema Festival in London, and hosts some of its selected films of this year.

On Saturday 12 May, Theatro Technis will host the “Odysseus Awards” & “Cosmocinema Awards” ceremony, during which the best films by category will be announced, as voted by the judging committee. Awards will also be presented to best actors, screenwriters, filmmakers and performers.

Art Director: Christos Prosylis (film director, producer)

Email: [email protected]

Media Sponsors: ERT, ERT World, The Voice of Greece, euGreeka, Cosmocinema



Monday, 7 May 2018



Late afternoon tea. Networking. Meet the team.


Presentation. Perform the story – a new approach, by Aris Lanaridis.



The Seven Sages of Greek Antiquity. Dir. by George Petritsis. USA, 2017. 52’


Europe. Dir. by Stavros Stratigakos. Greece, 2017. 30’

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times. Dir. by Marcus Markou. UK, 2017. 12’

Testing Greta. Dir. by Abbie Lucas. UK, 2017. 11’

Lifting Clouds. Dir. by Stella Dimadis. Australia, 2017. 13’

Hawk. Dir. by Peter Ellinas. USA, 2017. 9’


Rosemarie. Dir by Adonis Florides. Cyprus, 2017. 112’

Tuesday, 8 May 2018



From Africa with love – Greekethiopic. Dir. by Christina Vazou. Greece, 2018. 47’


Portolago-Ghosts in the Aegean. Dir. by Ioanna Asmeniadou-Phocas. Greece, 2017. 60’


Cyprus, a possible reconciliation? Dir. by Angélique Kourounis. Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, 2017. 10’

The Marvin Case. Dir. by Lewis Eizykman. France, 2018. 70’ [Cosmocinema Fest]

Ta gemista (salted). Dir. by Bletas Ioannis. Greece, 2017. 15’

Southgate To Brighton. Dir. by Athena Mandis & Dino Jacovides. UK, 2017. 14’


The Surface of Things. Dir. by Nancy Biniadaki. Greece, Germany, 2017. 85’.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018



Above everything, the Opus” a tribute to Nikos Kazantzakis. Dir. by Tania Chatzigeorgiou. Greece, 2017. 59’


War stories. Dir. by Argyrios Marmaras. Greece, 2017. 32’

  1. Dir. by Evripidis Karydis. Greece, UK. 2017. 7’

Memories of a Doll. Dir. by Michail Charalampidis. Greece, 2017. 19’

Memories and Signs. Dir. by Lampros Georgopoulos, George Leontakianakos. Greece, 2018. 20’


Lend An Ear. Dir. by Tsilochristou Xenia. Greece, 2018. 51’

Kaltrina. Dir. by Evi Stamatiou. UK, USA. 2017. 10’ [Cosmocinema Fest]


The Tree and the Swing. Dir. by Maria Douza. Greece, 2013. 108’

Thursday, 10 May 2018



The Road to Sparta. Dir. by Barney Spender. Greece, UK. 2016. 60’

5 Minutes Silence. Dir. by Dimitris Argyriou. Greece, 2018. 11’

Heimlich. Dir. by Kostas Bakouris. Greece, 2017. 19’.

In-Between. Dir. by Kostopoulos Stavros. Greece, 2017. 13’

Herself. Dir. by Kintan Chauhan. USA, 2018. 8’ [Cosmocinema Fest]


Kananga. Dir. by Pavlos Tripodakis. Greece, 2017. 69’


Toxic Schlock. Dir. by Sam Mason Bell & Tony Newton. UK, 2017. 100’ [Cosmocinema Fest]  


Bliss. Dir. by Christos Pitharas. Greece, 2017. 84’.

Friday, 11 May 2018



The soil. Dir. by Thanassis Fouradoulas. Switzerland, 2017. 4’

Dance Fight Love Die: With Mikis on the road. Dir. by Asteris Koutoulas. Greece, Germany, 2017. 89’

Mannlicher. Dir by Alexis Hatzigiannis. Greece, 2017. 11’

I’m glad to see you. Dir. by Kristo Pantera. Greece, 2017. 14’


Waiting room. Dir. by Alexander Leontaritis. Cyprus, 2017. 103’.


Jamaika. Dir. by Andreas Morfonios. Greece, 2017. 95’

Saturday, 12 May 2018



Special Afternoon Screenings

Video Art Zone

Gradiva-Aglauros. Dir. by Antonis Touloumis. Greece, 2018. 9’

Ganymede. Dir. by Nikos Giavropoulos. Greece, 2017. 4’

Thence. Dir, by Gm Touliatou. Greece, 2017. 4’

Experimental Zone

Meltemi. Dir. by Debra Sea. USA, 2018.

Soul Washer. Dir. by Grigoris – G. Gaitanaros. Greece, 2017. 9’

City of my heart. Dir. by Kostas Petsas. Greece, Spain. 2017. 4’

Impulse. Dir. by Dimitris Argyriou. Greece, China, 2018. 7’

The Man in the Bushes. Dir. by Vasilios Papaioannu & Emma Piper-Burket. USA, 2018. 6’

Vous. Dir. by Pari Antoniou. Greece, 2017. 8’

Animation Zone

Ηοιν many hugs? Dir. By Katerina Michalopoulou, Spyros Pantazis, Eleni Politopoulou, Antonis Touloumis. Greece, 2018. 3’.

Aenigma. Dir. By Antonis Ntoussias & Aris Fatouros. Greece, 2016. 10’

From heart to heart. Dir. by Sofia Kalantzi & Aristarchos Papadaniel. Greece, 2017. 2’

Late Afternoon Screenings


City of my heart. Dir. by Kostas Petsas. Greece, Spain. 2017. 4’

Nostos. Dir. by Ioanna Koliofoti. Greece. 2018. 12’ [Cosmocinema Fest]

The extra mile. Dir. by Victoria Vellopoulou. Greece, 2017. 74’


Whispers of the Sky. Dir. by Maro Anastopoulou. Greece, 2016. 70’


The house. Dir. by Vassilis Dimou. Greece, 2017. 9’

The kiss. Dir. by George Leontakianakos. Greece, 2018. 14’

9 to 5. Dir. by Filippos Tsapekis. Greece, 2017. 12’

Two Worlds. Dir. by Kostas Printezis, Leonidas Tzortzakis. Greece, 2017. 10’

A child outside. Dir. by Panos Eliakopoulos. Greece, 2017. 7’

The Grocery Store. Dir. by Michalis Mathioudakis. Greece, 2017. 13’


Success Story. Dir. by Nikos Perakis. Greece, 2017. 107’.


Cinnamon. Dir. by Michael Starakis. Greece, 2017. 5’

Deserted Eyes. Dir. by Olivia Hadjiioannou. Greece, 2018. 3’

The Emoji Song. Dir. by Adam Volerich. USA, 2017. 3’ [Cosmocinema Fest]

Egeo – the sea for me. Dir. by Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer. Greece, 2017. 13’



@ Theatro Technis in London 26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT [a few minutes from Camden Town]


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