Last Rebet Asker gig of 2016

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday, 4 December 2016; 2:30-5:00pm
Green Note, Rebet Asker

Come and join us this Sunday afternoon with your families and friends. Our band is going to be a bit bigger as one of our favourite members , Manolis Taouxis is coming back to join us.

The doors will open at 14.00.Music will start at 14.30 and we will finish at 17.00.

Tickets available only at the door (£6 adults, children up to six years old free entrance)

Pavlos Carvalho bouzouki and vocals
Manolis Taouxis bouzouki and vocals
Spiros Bolovinis baglama,djoura and vocals
Maria Tsirodimitri guitar and vocals
Marina Deligianni vocals

Green Note,
106 Parkway,
London NW1 7AN

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