Kritiko ‘Glendi’

Yiannis Costopoulos   Monday, 30 May 2016; 2:00pm.

UK’s first Greek Folk Dance Festival (GFDF) is finally here!

We are delighted to be supporting the launch of the UK’s very first Greek Folk Dance Festival (GFDF).  It’s an exciting new venture bringing together people with an interest in the Greek culture, dancers who are passionate about Greek dancing, and talented folk musicians from around the UK and abroad to a single event that promises to deliver on all counts.

The festival launches on the Bank Holiday, May 30th 2016 with an exciting Cretan ‘Glenti’. The Cretan set includes 4 spectacular musicians who join us all the way from Crete that will keep us entertained throughout the day.

The GFDF is aimed at everyone with an interest in the Greek culture and Greek music and authentic Greek dancing, so you are ALL INVITED! This is the perfect chance for dance enthusiasts to connect with one another and for new people to be introduced to our dynamic and rich Greek culture which we are so very proud of.  If you are Greek, and living in London, then this is not to be missed. If you are not Greek but love the culture, this will be right up your street too!

The event will boast a huge dance area for Greek dancing, and if dancing isn’t your thing, that’s fine too, because you can enjoy the beautiful Cretan Mandinades and Kontylies sang by members of the band, or be dazzled by the various dancers during a fast paced Maleviziotiko and Pentozali or maybe you want to try participating in one of the slower dances if you are new to the scene.

If you feel peckish or thirsty, there will be plenty of Greek food available, like the souvlaki-pitta (kalamaki) and freshly made Cypriot koubes as well as delicious home-made cakes for those with a sweet tooth. We also have a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks available, that include a selection of imported wines from Greece and of course, ouzo and tsipouro! It’s a party after all!

The band:
Giorgos Vranas: cretan lyra
Mihalis Kotsolakis: lute
Giorgos Papasifakis: ndaouli
Giannis Mihalas: askobandoura, lute, mandolin

Main Hall,
United Reformed Church,
Burford Gardens,
Palmers Green,
London N13 4AL.

For more details visit www.myGFDF.com.

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Yiannis is responsible for all the technical aspects of our website. He was born and brought up in Athens, Greece and he moved to London in his 20's to study Computer Science. His career in web technologies started when people were still using dial-up MODEMs to access the Internet and the only moving thing on the screen was the mouse pointer. He currently lives in NW London and he works as a Web Developer.

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