King’s College London – Greek Drama day 2018

Thanasis Gavos   Thursday, 8 February 2018; 10:30am-3:45pm
KIng's College Greek play

Arrival is from 10.30am for refreshments and an informal Q&A with KCL students. The first talk will start at 11.30am.

“Choruses: Ancient and Modern”

An annual tradition, the Greek Drama Day offers a range of talks and workshops from leading scholars and theatre professionals. Past attendees have found the day useful for engaging drama and classics students, learning more about the ancient world, and getting a taste of how current theatre professionals approach Greek tragedy and comedy.

This year the theme of the day is “Choruses: Ancient and Modern”. Speakers include Dr Lucy Jackson, an expert in the ancient chorus and academic adviser on high profile productions of Greek tragedy at the National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe, and Professor Michael Silk, who has composed music for a number of comedies and tragedies at KCL, including this year’s Medea. Our workshop leaders include actress Kristin Hutchinson, who has worked with acclaimed theatre makers such as Katie Mitchell and Emma Rice, and has an intimate knowledge of working with the Greek chorus on the modern professional stage. Although there will be repeated reference to Medea, the day’s activities will address other tragedies as well as Aristophanes, making it ideal both for those interested in this year’s KCL play and those interested in learning more about Greek drama in general. The day will begin with an informal Q&A with KCL students involved in this year’s Greek Play, providing an opportunity to chat to those currently studying at the college. There will also be a chance to find out more about Professor Edith Hall’s Advocating Classics Education campaign.

The day is completely free to all. There is plenty of time afterwards for participants to get some food before heading over to the Greenwood Theatre near London Bridge station for the evening performance of Medea, including the pre-show talk that starts at 6pm. The talk will be delivered by Professor Fiona Macintosh, director of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at the University of Oxford. Tickets for Medeaare £5 for students – teachers accompanying school groups go free (if you’d like to book for the play please email [email protected])

Please note that the day is most suitable for ages 16 and over. Do get in touch with Greek Play Executive Producer David Bullen ([email protected]) if you have any questions about this or other aspects of the day.

King’s College London Greek Play

Organiser of KCL Greek Drama Day 2018

An annual tradition dating back to 1953, the KCL Greek Play is the only annual UK production of ancient Greek drama that engages with the original language. Either performed fully or partly in Greek, the play is an excellent opportunity for students, teachers, and theatre lovers of all ages to experience the thrilling phenomenon that is ancient Athenian tragedy and comedy.

The 2018 Greek Play will be Euripides’ Medea – tickets can be purchased here.

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