Imam Baildi for the first time in London

Yiannis Costopoulos   Tue, 17 May 2016; 16:13

Yesterday evening Imam Baildi performed at the O2 Academy in Islington. The queue was long outside the venue, but people where swftly ushered in. The supporting act, Katerine Duska came out and with her smooth voice, which I dare to say it reminds me of Amy, accompanied by a guitarist she did her number.

Then there seemed to be some delay, due to some technical glitch, until Imam Baildi took the stage. They started with some of their well known hits which were very welcomed by the audience. Then for what seemed like a 2nd part, they did a homage to Laiko genre. Rena Morfi, the vocalist of the band, came out in a very glittery, gold dress and Lysandros Falireas played the keyboards with a sound that resembled the Farfisa which was very popular by keyboard-players of the Laiko genre. The the 3rd part was again with more of their popular hits and the encore that created an electric atmosphere.

Right after the gig, Orestis and Lysandros where kind enough to give a quick interview to our very own Kostas Voros, who also shot the video shown at the top of this page.

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