HICD UK Launch: Greece, Pleased to Meet you

The establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was dictated by the need to rethink Greece’s position in the world, not in terms of reproduction but of creation and to build bridges of cultural dialogue. Join us for the UK launch of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy to learn more about cultural diplomacy and the power of ‘soft power’ – especially when leveraged by a cultural heavyweight like Greece.

Featuring talks, music and more, the launch is your chance to sample how the Institute aims to shift perceptions of Greece, abroad. How? By fostering a move away from the reproduction of our heritage, towards the creation of modern Greek culture.

With us on the day:

Introductions by:
Peter Dennis Kapsaskis – Founder / Director of HICD
Dimitrios Kraniotis – Head of HICD London

Presentations by:
Lena Markou – UCL, Centre for Translation Studies
Louis Chrisostomou – Chef
Katerina Mina – Soprano
Dimitris Soukaras – Musician / Guitar Player
Mutsumi Abe – Musician / Violin Player

The team of HICD London:
Yannis Alexandris – Head of Outreach
Stratos Chatzinikolaou – Head of Strategic Planning
Marialena Moulou – Head of Fashion and Diplomacy
Marina Papadopoulou – Head of Sponsorship & Fundraising
Andreas Skourtis – Head of Theatre & Performing Arts
Anastasia Spanopoulou – Head of Public Relations
Konstantinos Tasis – Head of Human Resources
Mary Valiakas – Head of Communications and Innovation

More speakers and presenters to be announced soon!


University College London,
Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT

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 April 2021