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Thanasis Gavos   Thu, 29 Mar 2018; 17:27

Perpato is an NGO, based in Komotini, instrumental in supporting active rehabilitation, in general, and wheelchair rugby, in particular, throughout Greece. So far, our endeavors in promoting and engaging with wheelchair rugby activities are run on a volunteer basis by a coach and his team. We want to motivate people to continue engaging in the sport and attract new members. Towards that end, we are doing a fundraising campaign. Help us reach our goal!


There are 6000 people in Greece with spinal cord injuries. The majority stays home due to lack of activities and the ones who are already engaged with wheelchair rugby are losing motivation; the Greek economy cannot support participation in championships. Wheelchair rugby will provide quadriplegics with the opportunity to rehabilitate faster, while simultaneously, will give them access to social integration and autonomous living through peer to peer support.


If we send this 12 players to a European championship every year, we give them the motivation to keep on practicing and be more self-independent, to aim higher for themselves and the sport. By participating in an event like that, not only we change the lives of these individuals but we can also help generate publicity about the sport in Greece so that other quadriplegics are going to be interested in this and quickly involve themselves.

Long-Term Impact

The project will help 12 new wheelchair rugby players to participate and compete in a European championship every year, for 4 days, which will help the development of the sport in Greece, the participation of more athletes not only for the sport but for their way to independence. It will also raise the awareness of the Greek society.


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