Greece and Cyprus in turbulent times: The Road Ahead

Thanasis Gavos   Friday, 17 (6:30-8:30pm) and Saturday, 18 March 2017 (11:00am-6:00pm)
Hardouvelis, LSE, LSE Hellenic and Cypriot societies

Following four successful Annual Hellenic Forums that brought together prestigious speakers and accomplished entrepreneurs from around the world, the LSESU Hellenic and Cypriot Societies are, for the first time, collaborating on an innovative Forum. Greece and Cyprus are facing critical times in terms of economic, political, and cultural aspects which will have a great impact on their future. Therefore, the Hellenic and Cypriot Societies are targeting their efforts toward assembling insightful people with experience from various sectors (i.e., politics, finance, international organizations, academia, entrepreneurship, etc.) to assess the nature and scope of various structural reforms steering both countries towards a path of sustainable growth. The main aim of the Forum is to support quality education, promote fruitful dialogue, empower students’ intellectual curiosity, and allow young people interested in the matter to establish their own informed and critical opinions.

The distinguished speakers who are invited to share their viewpoints on Greece’s and Cyprus’ economic and socio-political paths are:

o Mr. Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras, Ambassador of Greece in the United Kingdom
o Mr. Tassos Chatzivasiliou, Political Scientist-Historian, Specialized in Turkology, Special Counselor Hellenic Parliament
o Mr. Evripidis Evriviadis, Ambassador of Cyprus in the United Kingdom
o Dr. Gikas Hardouvelis, Former Minister of Finance of Greece and Chief Economist & Director of Research, EUROBANK Group
o Mr. Charalambos Ioannou, Junior Researcher at Bioassist, a startup company developing algorithms and apps for e-health and real-time remote monitoring applications
o Mr. Makis Keravnos, Former Minister of Finance of Cyprus
o Dr. Dimitris Keridis, Professor of International Politics at Panteion University of Athens
o Mr Thanos Kosmidis, Co-founder and CEO of Care Across
o Mr. Stylianos Lambrou, Entrepreneur & Co-founder, Heart Cyprus & Social Airways
o Dr. Andreas Theophanous, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Nicosia and President of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs
o Mr. Dimitris Valatsas, Director of Greenmantle

Additional speakers still to be confirmed.

Venue: London School of Economics and Political Science

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