Fund-Raising Dinner for Medical Aid for Greece

Hear from 3 women social solidarity activists from Athens!

People in Greece still need our solidarity. The shocking fires which destroyed thousands of homes and killed 91 people in West Attica in July brought added trauma. The 8 years of severest austerity measures have led, despite fierce resistance, to huge unemployment – still at 20% (fallen from 27%), and youth unemployment still 39% (fallen from 50%), wages cut by 25% and pensions by more than 45%, huge tax rises and spending cuts, increased poverty and homelessness, the doubling of mental illness and big rise in suicides. Despite the social welfare measures of the Tsipras government to alleviate extremest poverty and ensure minimum health care cover, the situation remains dire with the debt-laden economy shrunk by 25%.  In addition, 60,000 refugees are stranded in Greece and more continue to arrive on the islands. Half of the refugees are children.


The people have stepped up with inspiring selflessness, determination and courage in the face of these humanitarian crises. The grassroots social solidarity movement has developed a network of free health clinics and pharmacies, community kitchens, without middlemen food markets and employment projects. These are run by volunteers and organised by inclusive democratic assemblies. The solidarity clinics and pharmacies continue to provide free medicines and to serve the refugees and now the needs of the victims of the fires.  Our Solidarity is Needed! 


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Email: [email protected].
Cheques to ‘Medical Aid for Greece’ to Greece Solidarity Campaign, Housman’s Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.
Pay direct: to Medical Aid for Greece A/C 20307259 – Sort Code 60-83-01


Cypriot Centre,
Earlham Grove,
Wood Green,
London N22 5HJ

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