Foivos Delivorias acoustic live & interview

Thanasis Gavos   Wednesday, 25 May 2016; 7:30pm
Foivos Delivorias,

Foivos Acoustic in London: ‘Life is only good this way.’

Produced and presented by Ark4Art

Foivos Delivorias (Greek: Φοίβος Δεληβοριάς) is a Greek musician, singer, and songwriter from Kallithea, Attica.

Foivos gave us an exclusive interview ahead of his concert.

Foivos is coming to London for only one live acoustic performance, creating an intimate and magical experience for his Greek and international audience.

Kostas Christodoulou will be accompanying him on the piano.

In 1988, when Foivos was only 15 years old, he took a tape of his songs to the big Greek composer, Manos Xatzidakis, resulting, one year later, in the release of his debut album “Η παρέλαση” (‘The Parade’) in November 1989. His second disk was released, quite a few years after the first, on July 1995 and it was titled “Η ζωή μόνο ετσι ειν’ ωραία” (‘Life’s only good this way’). The same year he participated for the first time in a live music performance with Dionysis Savvopoulos. In 1998, his third album was released and it was titled “Χάλια” (‘Mess’). In the summer of 2003, his next album is released, the title of which is “Ο καθρέφτης” (‘The Mirror’). In 2008, he released his fourth album “Οι απίθανες περιπέτειες” (‘The incredible adventures’). Two years later, he released his fifth album “Ο Αόρατος Άνθρωπος” (‘The Invisible Man’).

His latest album was released in November 2015, which is “Καλλιθέα” (‘Kallithea’).

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