Dionysis Savvopoulos’ Concert – A Review

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to see once more, Dionysis Savvopoulos (aka Nionios) perform live. It was better than I expected. Before I start I feel that I should thank Ark4Art for giving us the opportunity to experience Dionysis here in London. Especially in such a lovely venue such as the Union Chapel.

The 8 o’clock start might felt a bit late but gave people time to grab something to eat before the event. It started on time so everything was fine on that front. Dionysis took to the stage with his guitar for the first song and then the rest of the band joined in.

Between songs, he would entertain the audience with his stories; some true, some maybe not. He is a great storyteller nonetheless. The songs were arranged beautifully, the execution was impeccable and the sound as well as lighting were adding to the whole atmosphere something magical.

He performed some of his most popular songs from albums such as Fortigo, Vromiko Psomi and Trapezakia Ekso as well as some more recent including two translated versions of songs that foreigners would find familiar; Aneglos Exangelos (The wicked Messenger – Bob Dylan) and To Sose (Gimmie Some Lovin’ – Steve Winwood). The show was two and a half hours that involved loads of singing from the audience and at times I even wanted to jump off my seat to dance! So it was a very up-lifting and heart-warming experience. Exactly how Nionios’ shows should be.

As I mentioned before the musicians were made the whole experience even better and I think it’s worth mentioning their names; Giotis Kiourtsoglou (bass), Vangelis Karipis (percussions) and Stathis Anninos (keyboards). They effortlessly performed the exquisite arrangements and they created soundscapes that framed beautifully Savvopoulos’ songs.

At some point they were joined on stage by Katerina Polemi who also kept us company while Dionysis had a short break. She sang some of her songs as well as covers. Katerina has an angelic voice but the combination of  her Greek and Brazilian origins make a very passionate and emotional sound.  Personally I believe that she should had presented more of her own work rather then try and cover Adele. It wasn’t bad at all, it’s just that it wasn’t herself.

All in all a great experience that left me with a smile on my face. I also had just about enough time to sneak into a nearby bar to down a couple of drams of Scotland’s finest just to warm up before making my way home through the cold and rain of London.


Photos by Panayis Chrysovergis

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