‘Dead Letter’ – A Panos Akritas mystery

‘You’re dealing with God’s party. And God’s party takes no prisoners.’

The body of a scholar is found in an Athens library, housing priceless books and manuscripts spanning thousands of years of civilisation. More murders follow as it becomes clear that the motive is the acquisition of a lost letter – a letter that could threaten the power of the Church and change the face of history.

The investigating officer, Captain Panos Akritas, soon finds himself drawn into a case more sinister and dangerous than anything he’s ever faced before. With an Albanian assassin on the loose, can Akritas and detective Valia take on the might of the Church – both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic – and survive?

With a thrilling story, fastidious detail and a cast of memorable characters, Dead Letter is a smart novel in the Dan Brown mould that will appeal to lovers of crime fiction, Grecophiles and modern history fans alike.

Praise for John X. Cooper:

‘John X. Cooper has created a character, the detective Panos Akritas, who will go straight into the annals of crime fiction’ – Jack Todd, author of Sun Going Down

John Xiros Cooper was born in Athens, Greece, and taught English Literature at a Canadian university. He has published seven academic books, including studies of T S Eliot, and over 30 articles. Turning to fiction, he is also the author of The Sting of the Wasp, the first in the Panos Akritas Mysteries. He now spends time in Canada, the UK and Greece.



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