Crowdfunding – Islands of Greece

This is an unusual event. A talented photographer, Milan Gonda, who is currently based in Athens, Greece is trying to crowdfund his next exhibition. While you will help an artist show off his work to a wider audience you can get a print of one of this works.

An exhibition of 30 photographs portraying 30 islands of Greece. This exhibition aims to introduce my personal project on Greek islands to a wider audience as well as identify possible collaborators or clients. Two years in making, this project aspires to create a unique imagery of seldom photographed landscapes of Greek islands and their heritage. Through establishing collaborations with local businesses and communities, this project also seeks to contribute to travel industry of Greek islands.

Milan Gonda is a landscape and abstract photographer currently based in Athens, Greece. His passion for photography developed from documenting his travels by means of camera and very soon his travels became quests for photography. In his work, he focuses predominantly on capturing nature however he finds man-made environment same fascinating. In both cases, he tries to capture all different possible moods that change with the seasons and weather conditions.

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