Carnival Party

Yiannis Costopoulos   Sunday, 6 March 2016; 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Celebrate Carnival with live Greek music

The Association of Parents’ of the Greek Primary School in London organises a fancy dress party with live Greek music on Sunday the 6th of March.

Entrance: £10 per family. Tickets can be bought on the day. The entrance fee covers entrance only and it will be used towards covering the expenses of the event. Food and drinks can be bought very cheaply from the bar.

Doors open at 1:00pm, music from 2:00pm to 5:00p, closing time 6:00pm.

Antreas Theodorou – bouzouki
Spyros Paisios – keyboard
Kostas Voros – guitar, vocals

The Aeronaut,
264 Acton High St.
London W3 9BH.


About Yiannis Costopoulos

Yiannis is responsible for all the technical aspects of our website. He was born and brought up in Athens, Greece and he moved to London in his 20's to study Computer Science. His career in web technologies started when people were still using dial-up MODEMs to access the Internet and the only moving thing on the screen was the mouse pointer. He currently lives in NW London and he works as a Web Developer.

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