Beat the Priest

This event is fully organised by the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral, North London, and our aim is to earn money for Children with Cancer UK; a charity inaugurated in 1988 by Diana, Princess of Wales.

The idea rose after our Priests visited some hospitals where small children were treated for cancer. The Priests started researching for an Organisation which not only helps children with cancer, but also carries out research to fight the cancer before it appears. And so, they discovered Children with Cancer UK. This Charity is currently funding more than 50 research projects at centres of excellence around the UK. These projects are investigating a broad range of childhood cancers – helping us to better understand these diseases and to find more effective, less toxic ways of treating them.

The Priest

One of the two Priests of our Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral, in Golders Green, Fr. Savvas, used to train for strongman and power-lifting contests in Greece and other countries. He stopped training 6 years ago, when he joined the priesthood. He had an injury three years ago in the left knee during his work at the Church but underwent surgery last May and has since recovered.

Currently, he started training again to try to increase his strength only for this purpose: to earn money for Children with Cancer UK. Come to meet him and challenge him!

For the ones of you that don’t feel confident to challenge The Priest, you can come to cheer and support him and his challengers. There will be Greek souvlaki served in the courtyard of the church.

There will be an extra challenge for The Priest on the day. He will attempt to lift a car(!) in order to raise more money for the charity.
So, come and watch; it will be exciting.

The Event

Generally, the event is a bench press challenge. The target is to push the highest possible percentage over the 100% of your bodyweight. The three first places with the highest percentages over their bodyweight will win nice prizes and gifts.

The Prizes

The winner of the first place will receive a really awesome statue-award and a gold-like medal. The second and third place winners will receive a silver-like and a copper-like medal respectively. There are three main prizes for the three first places, all donated from Dr. Zak’s Pumping Iron Gym: A one year subscription for the first winner, six months subscription for the second and three months subscription for the third winner. In addition, Dr. Zak will offer some very good food supplements, like protein, and other nice products.


For more information and details please visit:

Holy Cross Greek Church,
Golders Green Road,
Golders Green,
London NW11 8HL.

Tel: 020 8455 7510, email ​​[email protected]

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