‘Bearth in Oblivion’ – Translation into English (crowdfunding)

Help give birth to Bearth! Contribute to the translation of our epic fantasy book into english!
“There are some stories which no one ever hears. They are woven surreptitiously and last only as long as the heroes in them. Some others soon fade into memories and perish in the oblivion of time. And become dreams. Others are altered before they are even uttered, so as to be less cruel. So they do not hurt so deeply.

But there are those stories that remain. Not many, but there are some. They are the legends that change the world, that change the appearance of Bearth and all its creatures. Those who write them are called heroes and those who sing them, bards. Heroes have their own stars and bards have their harps.

And Bearth has a reason and a way to live…”

The story of Bearth is a story like that. And, as modern Bards, we need to shape and share it so our Heroes travel in the paths of your minds.”

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