Autism: Hearts of Angels – Perthshire

Thanasis Gavos   Running until Thursday, 31 March 2016; every day 10:00am-5:00pm

Autism: derived from the Greek word autós, meaning self.

In June 2015, Bankfoot-based documentary photographer Graham Miller visited Greece to investigate the impact of the financial crisis on the disabled community. He spent several days living in a house with twelve adults affected by severe autism. In this, his latest work and third visit to Birnam Arts, he shares his experiences from inside the house. ‘At times the people who lived there would seem to take a sudden interest in me before quickly retreating inside themselves. Almost as if returning to a place of safety’ says Graham. ‘I’m hoping that by attending our exhibition, and thinking carefully about what they see, visitors will like me emerge with a better understanding of the condition’. Graham’s work is heavily inspired by the plight of persons with disabilities and the effect on their lives…

The images shown here are selected from the 14 that will be shown as light boxes, with extended captions, at Birnam Arts during the month of March. Each light box has a remote control allowing the light levels to be adjusted. ‘I want people to feel they can interact with the work and am using light in a symbolic way to show that we can all have an impact on others lives good and bad’.

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