Aroma Yoga with Katerina

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday, 18 June 2018; 8:00am-6:00pm (whole event)

Katerina of Yogaloom will be teaching an Aroma Yoga class in the YOGI tea area at the International Yoga Day at Alexandra Palace on the 18th of June.

Free admission!

Find out more info (register if you like to join the class at the bottom of that website). 


Katerina, originally a dancer, was drawn to Yoga and Pilates to support her injuries from performing and fell in love with Yoga which inspires her physically and spiritually.

Having the body intelligence of a dancer along with her knowledge from her Pilates studies, Katerina likes to pay attention to alignment and to tailor her classes to support practitioner’s individual needs.

Her gentle approach is both effective and popular.

Katerina started incorporating essential oils in her practice as she found its phenomenal relaxing and healing properties and the synergy with her yoga practice.


At Alexandra Palace

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