Thanasis Gavos   Saturday, 28 September 2019; 8:00-9:30pm
Americana, Hellenic Centre, theatre

In a country where everything – even life itself- is thrown to the winds – A mother and daughter stand resolute and strong until opposing ideals pull them apart.

Who will betray who? Why? Can betrayal ever be justified?

Americana! is a powerful play that shines a light on a Greek peasant family during the traumas of civil war, just as Greece is trying to pick herself up after the ravages of WW2. Two women: the ‘Americana’ and her daughter, Katerina, struggle to keep the family together and fight for a better tomorrow. Their story is set in that moment of Greek – and European history – that is often neglected, suppressed, because it is painful: a small country devastated by the strategies of super powers – but the human cost is never small. In Americana! the struggle to survive exposes human frailty: a series of betrayals, borne out of love, loss and thirst for freedom – the human cost is never small. This historical moment still speaks to us today – not only about Greece, but about other countries suffering in much the same way.

A chaired Q&A session after the performance by Clara Arokiasamy OBE will give the audience an opportunity to voice their own thoughts on the themes covered in the story – an opportunity for dialogue between friends, families, younger and older generations, Greek Diaspora and wider public.

Tickets here; 020 7487 5060

The Hellenic Centre,
16-18 Paddington Street
London W1U 5AS

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