‘ALL AS ONE kiss me’ – Stamatis Kraounakis


It’s with great pleasure and excitement that Prosopa Events present the musical theatre show “ALL AS ONE” kiss me,
of Stamatis Kraounakis & Speira Speira on Friday, 27th January 2017 at the Union Chapel, London


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Union Chapel



‘ALL AS ONE’ kiss me
‘ΟΛΟΙ ΕΝΑ’ φίλα με


Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Press Office of the Embassy of Greece in London.

The show was seen, cherished and applauded by the Greek audience who became ‘all as one’.

Stamatis Kraounakis along with Speira Speira promise you a unique, nostalgic and exciting Friday evening with three generations of Greek songs, adored favourites with Stamatis at his piano and everywhere.

The Greek music composer, music producer, lyricist, writer and director Stamatis Kraounakis in the performance “ALL AS ONE” kiss me, goes beyond a traditional music show.

He speaks of Love that unites our dreams silently and humbly, with the dreams of our neighbours, without us being aware of it. Along with Speira Speira, they perform in the most engaging way three generations of Greek songs, which brought us together over the years and which opened the doors to groups of young friends, to companionships and to the homes of Greeks.

The musical theatre show itself and the music of Kraounakis bring together Greeks, Cypriots and music lovers of different ages. The unique atmosphere of The Union Chapel accompanied by the sounds of piano, cello, guitar and folk strings promise a suite of emotions and a unique musical experience that can thrill not only the Greek but also the international audience.
Stamatis Kraounakis says:
“All as one.
Love is the leader.
A Suite of emotions, a love ritual
So many nights, one life”


Speira Speira performers:
Christos Gerontidis
Sakis Karathanasis
Costas Bougiotis
George Stivanakis
Harris Fleouras


Aris Vlachos (musical director, keyboard)
Vaios Prapas (folk strings, guitar)
George Tamiolakis (cello)


Creative Team
Set design: Yannis Mourikis
Lighting: Costas Blougouras
Sound: Dimitris Sotiropoulos
Costumes: Maria Karapouliou (‘LA STAMPA’)
Assistant director: Christos Moustakas
Production: Prosopa Events


Union Chapel,
Compton Terrace,
London N1 2UN


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