A Skein of People and Colours Unravels in India

Thanasis Gavos   Tuesday, 18 September to Tuesday, 30 October 2018
George Zampas, Hellenic Centre, photography

In about 15 minutes we are (actually I am) landing in New Delhi. I can see the lights of the city, I would say from over the clouds but there are no clouds. It’s dark but the sky is clear. I have never seen so many lights in my life. Chaos. And it scares me. Slightly. But it does scare me. 

What am I doing here on my own? What do I want to prove to myself? Well done me, I am independent. But I do feel lonely and after a long journey, I would love a shoulder to rest my head on. I am landing now. Just touched the ground. I felt my soul vibrating. India. 

I am waiting for my overnight train to Varanasi. It’s a 16 hour train journey and I expect that shocking feeling of loneliness to hit me as soon as the sun sets. Nothing looks familiar. Insecurity. Alone. Adventure. Share. Challenge. Where are you? It’s dark.. 

After 23 hours on the train, and having met an ambitious 23 yo girl who wants to work for the United Nations and told me everything about a boy she met 2 months ago and she is in love with, a “social” poet who read his poems to me, a father who tried to convince me to work in India as a maths teacher and people who worried about me being hungry and offered me fruit, I finally reached my destination – Varanasi.

Along the way of this life journey in India, I met some beautiful people whose kindness and smiles touched both my soul and heart. They inspired me to continue a mental journey and dream, imagine, desire and search for a new adventure. Equally colourful, equally humane. 

Find out more on Georgios Zampas and his photography here.

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