A dog called Friki

Thanasis Gavos   Sunday, 2 June 2019; 5:15pm & 8:00pm
Dimitris Kouroubalis, Maria Solomou, Prosopa Events

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The love comedy “A dog called Friki – Ένας σκύλος που τον έλεγαν Friki” describes the second chance that life gives to a couple.

Margaret breaks up with her boyfriend after years of fighting, and decides to build her life from scratch. She finds a job and moves in a flat in the city centre. But in the apartment next door there is an unpleasant surprise for her: a grumpy, rude neighbour who’s not keen on his new neighbour.

Their flats are divided only by a very thin wall and a troublesome co-habitation begins…
Will the wall that separates them fall?

“Because love never ends between those who have been loved a lot.”

Creative team:
Directed by: D. Kouroubalis, F. Korrou
Written by:D. Kouroubalis
Scenographer: A. Mentis
Lighting Design: A. Giannaros
Costumes: D. Vasiagiorgi
Music: K. Xenopoulos

George Alexandrakis Photography
Artwork: Amarildo Topallis
Styling: Nayo P

The cast:
Maria Solomou
Dimitris Kouroubalis

Duration: 100 minutes
Performed in Greek

The Tabernacle w11

34-35 Powis Square,
London W11 2AY

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