A Byzantine Symposium with live music

Thanasis Gavos   Thursday, 11 February 2016; 6:00–11:00pm
Byzantine symposium, Philosopher's stove,

A Philosopher’s Stove team event.

We’re really pleased to bring you yet another unique food tasting experience. A Byzantium-themed dinner experience with live music from the era and not only.

You’ll indulge in 4 delicious tasting courses + an aperitif accompanied by Byzantium-influenced live music. Tickets cost £32. Check out our delicious menu in detail:

1) Konditon
Honeyed wine was served in Byzantine times as an aperitif with the first course. A mixture of wine and honey, saffron, mastic, date, black pepper and bay leaf.
This special wine, a distant ancestor of modern aperitifs will bring something of Constantinople’s elegance in modern time London.

2) Oxogarita salad
A fresh salad with Romaine lettuce, chicory, cucumber, basil with garumand honey and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

3) Sefklogoulia
Roasted beetroots with buffalo milk cheese and rocket; served with white salsa, a rich dip with walnut meats, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, white mustard, tahini and lemon juice.

4) Either Meat option
24h marinated pork belly in Greek honey and wine vinegar, slow roasted in the oven. Served with three different types of cabbage: braised Savoy, pickled, and cooked.


Vegetarian option
Grilled asparagus and whole red onion, parsley with olive oil, sumac and lemon served with whole grain toasted faro & “Mittoton”, a side of finely chopped garlic with olive oil and black olive paste.

5) Rice Pudding
One of the most famous desserts in the Byzantine Empire. Rice pudding with honey, chopped almonds, and apricots. Served with orange, dressed in cinnamon and rosewater.

There will be two seatings. The first from 6-8pm and the second from 8.30-10.30pm. For bookings please contact The Philosopher’s Stove through this event or our page. 

Tickets here.

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10 Nevada Street,
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