722 ΤΜΧ Engineer Batallion

Thanasis Gavos    Saturday, 11 February 2017; 3:30pm
documentary, refugees

A documentary film about a refugee camp in Greece, by Professor of Cinematography at Edge Hill University Yiannis Koufonikos.


In March 2016 governments within the European Union closed their borders, leaving almost 60,000 refugees stranded in Greece, with no way to make the journey to their destination countries further north. Faced with hosting the refugees, the Greek Government decided to reopen a number of closed-down army camps as temporary residences and called on the army to set up and manage the camps: duties that they had neither trained for or experienced before.

722 TMX Engineer Battalion documents the struggle of thousands of refugees from Syria, stuck in Greece following the European Union’s decision to close their borders. Narrated by Christy Kelly, an English student, the film is set in a refugee camp in Alexandria in Northern Greece. The people of Alexandria opened up their small town to displaced migrants hoping to seek asylum in Europe, escaping the unimaginable horrors back home in Syria.

The documentary provides an exclusive look behind the walls of this Greek army-run refugee camp, which offers humanitarian support to Syrian families. Since its opening, the camp has grown into a community, with everyone making the best of a bad situation. Sharing their insights into this life – refugees, volunteers, the army and Alexandria’s locals offer their opinions on some of the most difficult moral and ethical questions which have filled the news over the past year.


UCU’s Cradle to Grave Conference, Congress Centre,
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  • Karen Walford
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 11:00 am

    This documentary sounds really interesting. Is it possible to get hold of a copy on DVD?


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