2nd London Hellenic Festival

Following last year’s big success, the London Hellenic Festival is back. Ark4Art and the Hellenic Centre present a day full of events, aiming to bring together London’s and UK’s Greek and Cypriot communities, but also addressing anyone who lives away from their native lands.This year’s theme is ‘Coming Together’. How can we, together, wherever we live, shape the future of our homeland? We are creating a platform and with the help of art of any kind, we are coming together to share, to discuss, to transform and ultimately to contribute.

The programme of the Festival will be as below:

15:00 pm Film Screening – ‘Eden is West’ (Παράδεισος στη Δύση) by Costa Gavras

Eden Is West is a film by Greek-French director Costa-Gavras about an illegal immigrant called Elias who tries to get to Paris. The nationality of the central hero is not disclosed because Gavras wants to make a point about the odysseys of the illegal immigrants of any nationality, since he himself was an immigrant 50 years ago in France, before he became a well known director. His hero seems to tolerate the sea, the cold of snowy mountains and the hunger, the rapists and robbers he meets, the cops that are after him all the time, the racists who push him aside, the fellow immigrants who steal his clothes and in the best case the women who see him as a lover they could also take advantage of. His only comfort is his dream of Paris and, in the complexity of human condition, the good within the evil and vice versa. The film will have Greek subtitles and the main part of the film is in English, with some French and Greek.

17:30 pm Open Discussion with the audience

Discussion facilitated by a panel of Greek Professionals, about issues of identity and how expats can improve and participate in issues their home country is facing. Voting rights of the Greeks in diaspora will be also discussed. More information about panel members, speakers etc. to follow soon.

19:45 pm Live Concert ‘Sing Along’ by Giorgis Christodoulou & Anastasia Spyrou

Long before radio days, turntables and vinyls, cassettes, cds and mp3s, friends tended to get together in someone’s house and sing along. A guitar, a piano or an accordion usually accompanied, but voices had the leading role, whether solo or ensemble, like a choir. This is exactly the era we aim to revive in the performance “Sing Along”, with songs from the 1920s till today.Two warm voices, those of Giorgis Christodoulou (who performed in London two years ago) and Anastasia Christodoulou will be accompanied by the accordion and the piano of Harris Stavrakakis to create a performance that has received high acclaims wherever it appeared, from the Megaro Mousikis in Athens and Thessaloniki, to the Opera houses of Cairo, Alexandria and Barcelona. The amazing melodies spanning the decades from the 1920s (from Attic to Hadjidakis), combined with the stories behind each song and anecdotes from each era will be combined to create an unforgettable experience for all of us!

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Organised by Ark4Art and the Hellenic Centre.

Hellenic Centre,
16-18 Paddington Street,
London W1U 5AS

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